I was born, I live and I work in Casablanca, Morocco, a country where the light is magical.

 In my early years I had to go to Paris with my mom, I felt like the sky  was falling on my head.

I needed the light and the magic.

I did not know how lucky I was. Paris was culturally deeply rewarding. It was a deep human experience.

I fear the passing of time, I am a nostalgic.

Only when I photograph I feel  complete.

My passion for cinema literally saved my life… It is an endless source of inspiration.

I love images, beauty in all forms.

The beautiful and the ugly.

With photography I get carried away.

New york  where I lived in the prime of my adult life, was my first playground.

And the light there is pretty stunning too…

Photography is our past, It is my present, my dream, my future.

Today being in Casablanca again is a very different life experience, it is hard but fascinating, there is so much to say and share. It is very intense.



1973 Born in Casablanca, Morocco 

2002 "Casablanca stories" solo exhibition, Bombora gallery, New York

2008 Collective exhibition, "Contemporary moroccan roots", Amine Bendriouich

2009  Collective exhibition, with Lamia Naji and Florence Chevalier, Villa des Arts, Casablanca

2011 Marrakech Art Fair Exhibition, galerie 127, Marrakech

2011 Fotofever, galerie 127, Paris

2012 “ La Désenchantée” solo exhibition, Wada Garou gallery, Tokyo

2012 Fotofever, galerie 127, Bruxelles

2013 SNIFF OUT Festival, Wada Garou gallery, Osaka

2013 Four Seasons, Solo exhibition, Marrakech

2014 The 5th Marrakech Biennale, Entre-je. Récits féminins du corps, galerie 127, Marrakech

2015  Collective exhibition ‘’Parcours conjugués’’, Espace Claire Garnier, Lycée Lyautey, Casablanca

2015 Billboards Festival, Casablanca

2016 Tolerance Art, Collective exhibition, galerie Bab Rouah, Rabat

2017 Portrait series, 100 Femmes, Collective exhibition, galerie Bab Rouah, Rabat

2017 Jeunesse Éternelle, collective exhibition, galerie Delacroix de l’institut français, Tanger

2017 Collective exhibition, Fashion Imagery, Dasthe Art Space & Agency, Casablanca

2017  Intimes-Errances, collective exhibition, galerie The Art Company, Casablanca

2018 Berberliner, off 1:54 Contemporary African Art Fair, Marrakech

2018 Collective exhibition, En un instante, Marruecos. Transatlántica, 10 años, Casa Àrabe, PHotoESPAÑA